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Six Overlooked Entrepreneurial Traps That Will Kill Your Business #5: Not Embracing Growth Opp's

Updated: May 28

All growth opportunities are not equal. Some are uniquely marked by or recalled for the challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments they contain. These growth opportunities are unique and seem to occur only when we are forced out of our comfort zone.

Once in Zambia, while driving a sizable off-road vehicle, the field officer responsible for my mission, Nelson, begins to rehearse stories of elephant herds in the area trampling people and vehicles. The more he talks, the more fearful we both become. Our location is no game park; it is a desolate jungle where people lose their lives and are never heard from again.

The danger and seriousness of our situation gripps my consciousness. Nelson's fear is escalating beyond his ability to control it. His fear affects me. The prayers we pray are radically different from my usual prayers.

Arriving safely at the Kazawaii trading post, our room is in the back. The room's one twelve-inch window with iron bars reminds me that this is a dangerous place. There is no electricity or running water in the whole town. Nearby is a bucket for bathing and a pit for a toilet.

On a bedside table is a candle. I light it. As the light fills the room, my eye falls on something that, in a moment, extinguishes my escalating fear. It sounds small now, but at that moment, it is a providential gift that I desperately need.

A Gideon Bible.

The Gideon Bible jolts my heart back to the purpose of my month-long visit, to show Christ's heart and presence. The faith that God is always at work grows in my heart at that moment.

Getting out of our comfort zone presents opportunities for growth and learning to trust that God is at work. Nathaniel Abrams' advice speaks to these moments, be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable places.

All growth opportunities are not equal. The most powerful ones often come when we are in the most uncomfortable places—recognizing and embracing these moments results in remarkable growth. We find significance when we recognize and embrace these growth opportunities. Happy Thanksgiving.

Harry T. Jones

P.S. Want to make an impact this Thanksgiving? Here are some missions we give to and wholeheartedly endorse:

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