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Harry T. Jones meeting with a client for succession planning.

70% of Businesses Fail To Make It To Their Second Generation of Leadership.

In six steps, we help entrepreneurs build a team, pass on their business, and finish well. 

One day, something will demand your departure from your business. 

Knowing this reality and not planning for it is foolish. 

Accepting the fact of your eventual exit from your business is the first step in succession planning.

Accepting the responsibility for your company's success in your absence is the second step in succession planning.

It all begins with strategic conversations through six steps

Cultivating Impact Provides the Six-Step Method that:

  • Recognizes your business's unique impact

  • Develops the business as a mission

  • Builds a team

  • Exchanges the baton

  • Multiplies the impact

  • Enables the entrepreneur to finish well

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Fill out an interest form. Answer these questions: 1. What is your present situation? 2. What challenges are you facing? 3. What is the impact you are hoping for?



Interact/Engage with Cultivating Impact to determine possible paths to help you achieve your goals. This could range from free resources to weekly mentoring with Harry T. Jones.



Enjoy the transformation from frustration to significance. Build your team and leave an enduring legacy.

Move forward with the Cultivating Impact Success-Based Guarantee

14 Questions to Fuel Succession Planning

14 Questions To Fuel Succession Planning Conversations

Succession planning begins with doing the hard work of making a plan for your successor's success. As the Sr. leader in your business, this is your responsibility. If not you, who?


Leaders who actively lead the charge in raising up active pools of qualified leaders increase business performance in the present and ensure impact in the future.

When does this happen? When should you start?

An old proverb describes it best: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!


Use these questions to help succession planning get started at your company.

It is my gift to you! Get started on the road to succession planning today!

Leave a Legacy Business

Entrepreneurs go into business to pursue a dream, find a better career, or make more money.

But most entrepreneurs also want to do more than that. They want to leave a legacy.


One of the greatest legacies you can leave behind is a business that continually makes a profit and blesses its community for generations!


Leaving a legacy business means dreaming big and changing the world for the better. Among the most successful entrepreneurs, this is a powerful motivator.


Your legacy reflects the lessons you have learned and celebrates what was important to you. It captures the important moments of your life.


Step one: Recognize Your Impact

Step two: Develop Your Business as a Mission

Step three: Build Your Team to Maximize Impact

Step four: Exchange the Baton

Step five: Multiply the Impact

Step six: Finish Well

Statistically, shortly after your death, your business will flounder, disintegrate, and die.

So will your legacy.

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