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For twenty-seven years, I lived my life upside down!

Updated: May 23

Business man holding a card with "Wrong!" on it.
Living with the wrong values produces a horrible life!

For twenty-seven years, I lived my life upside down. I professed one set of priorities but lived another. My professed top priorities were the ones I followed the least. At the top of my professed priorities were God and family, with my business at the bottom. But my business was really at the very top of my priority list. Sadly, my marriage and family were at the bottom.

I paid the price for living these upside-down priorities.

A mentor came into my life. He taught me that my life should revolve around my "hub," and all my roles in life were the "spokes" of the wheel. He challenged me to live my life around one thing. That one thing should be my purpose in life. I knew what that was supposed to be. It was supposed to be God.

My life was to be a "wheel" lived around the "hub." My business was a spoke that flowed from the hub, so was my marriage.

I already lived my life as a wheel, around a hub, but the hub was my business!

Living my life with business as its hub produced some horrible results.

My mentor shared with me that the same thing happens in his life. But, when he realizes that the wrong thing is at the hub of his life, through prayer and introspection, he makes a change.

Our commitments in life revolve like spokes around a hub. Without a hub, it falls apart.

What is at the center of your life? What does your whole life revolve around? This is your hub. Having the wrong thing at the hub of your life will cost you. You are out of balance.

What can you do when your life revolves around the wrong thing? Do like my mentor, through prayer and introspection, make a change. Reach out and pull a trusted friend into the process.

What does your life really revolve around? I would love to hear from you. Contact me at

Harry T. Jones

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