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The Benevolent Dictator

Updated: May 28

The "sunshine" that brings energy to growing companies is its leadership.

It is not uncommon for companies to be led by "benevolent dictators." These are insecure leaders who lead by fear, intimidation and rewards.

One leader, I will call him Little Hitler*, had an inadequacy. He didn't get his way at home, so he brought his problem to work with him every day. His leadership style was very efficient but does little to build a competent team.

When Little Hitler drove up in the parking lot, the staff stressed. No one ever knew what kind of mood he would arrive in.

He had lots of energy but zapped everyone else's.

The benevolent dictator is a highly efficient management style for the short term. But, its shortcomings must be addressed in moving a business into its purpose.

The gifts and talents of the team are often hidden because of the dictator's insecurities. Competent employees threaten the dictator. They learn to "sit on" their powers and are never fully engaged.

Converting from the leadership system established by a benevolent dictator requires a sober assessment of the team's abilities and what they should be.

The alternative? Hire another benevolent dictator.

What are the qualities the team and its members should have? There are two major ones:

  • Trust - Trust drives everything in our fast-paced world. This involves the maturity that allows for true honesty. Team members must be able to share their ideas without fear of personal rejection.

  • Accountability - That you have objectives (as opposed to subjectives) that you agree to as a team and hold each other accountable to.

It is hard work but is worth it.

Two draft horses that can pull 8,000 pounds alone can pull 24,000 working together.

It is teamwork that makes the dream work. Finding your business purpose involves appreciating the diversity of different ideas, views, and abilities of your team.

A fully functioning team built around the values of trust and accountability is wonderful sunshine to the seed of your business.

The "sunshine" that brings energy to growing companies is its leadership.

I have created a resource to help your team be the sunshine your business needs to function on purpose. It was created with you in mind, and it is free! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:Business Impact Plan: Seed, Sunshine, Soil, Harvest. It has a series of questions (section 2) that you can ask yourself and get your employees and team members to answer. It is free, my gift to you.

Let the sunshine in!

Harry T. Jones

P.S. Don't forget to get my free resource, Business Impact Plan, Seed, Sunshine, Soil, Harvest.

*Like all my stories, Little Hitler's story is real; his name and some particulars are changed to protect him.

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