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Six Overlooked Entrepreneurial Traps That Will Kill Your Business #4: A Shriveled Heart

Updated: May 28

#4. A Shriveled Heart: Ingratitude

Entrepreneurs often live what look like enviable lives. But lurking, not far under the surface, is a lot of anxiety, depression, and anger. When we forget what it means to enjoy life, more and more reasons to be unhappy continually present themselves.

Successful entrepreneurs can live sad lives. This prowling sadness can cause the hearts of the greatest among us to shrink and shrivel.

A shriveled, uncaring heart is an entrepreneurial trap that will kill your business. The habit of achieving can become meaningless and leave you unfruitful, never enjoying your gains and always striving for more.

To combat this tendency, entrepreneurs who make a profit, bless their community and advance their purpose cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This attitude of gratitude invigorates the entrepreneurial heart and paves the way for success over the long haul.

Cultivating a heart of gratitude comes through giving your time, talent, and treasure away. In the act of giving, the heart expands and becomes larger.

Many years ago, in the impoverished country of Haiti, I experienced a gift of giving that profoundly affected me. On a mission to determine needed healthcare initiatives, we stayed with a missionary, Lila Clark. While visiting with her one day, we heard a knock on the door.

Answering the door, she is greeted by Jean Pierre, a precious and financially poor Haitian man. Their greeting is joyous. His heart is so grateful for her impact on his life that he has brought a gift. It is apparent that what he carries in an old shoebox is precious.

Opening the box with great care, he pulls back tattered pieces of newspaper to reveal his most precious gift. As he reveals his gift, his face glows with obvious glee. He is so thrilled to give Lila his gift.

Two eggs.

Jean Pierre has walked seven miles to give Lila something costly in his world, two fresh eggs.

Jean Pierre has released his heart from the curse of ingratitude. Giving away some of his treasure leaves him with more, not less.

Entrepreneurs who escape the curse of ingratitude do it by giving away some of their time, talent, and treasure.

It is this attitude of gratitude that allows those who know you the best to love you the most. True success.

Ingratitude and greed are often overlooked traps that will kill your entrepreneurial spirit and business.

Happy Thanksgiving

Harry T. Jones

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