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My Sister: Living Single In A Double World

Updated: May 28

This week my sister, Celetta "Randy" Jones, passed into the next life. She was a fantastic business leader who loved people and generously gave her time, talents, and treasure to enhance the lives of others.

Randy lived single in a double world. Single folks are often unaccommodated at dinner parties, in small groups, and travel. In a world built for doubles being single can sometimes be challenging.

Was finding a great man difficult for Randy because she couldn't find a man as good as our father? It could be true.

Regardless, she lived single in a double world, embracing it and maximizing her impact.

Randy lived all of her fifty-five years of adult life in Atlanta. She loved the people of Atlanta. She used her influence and relationships in Atlanta for significant impact. Randy invested her life in business to build a great list of clients.

Randy was a gift. Anytime entrepreneurs have the opportunity to employ talented single people like Randy, they are getting a divine gift. Singles living in a double world often work circles around our best people.

After selling her business, she continued to leverage her influence to benefit Emory Healthcare, the Atlanta History Center, First Presbyterian, and more.

Miss Randy loved her neighbors and was on a first-name basis with a US Senator and his wife, basketball star & commentator Charles Barkley, and the top rapper in the world. She was an influencer.

Randy cared just as much about the bellman as the celebrity. She was always aware of each one's story and struggles.

Aunt Randy's fourteen nieces and nephews adored her. She invested time with them and was always aware of what was going on in their lives.

Randy embraced her singleness most of the time. She occasionally struggled with it because our world expects us to be married.

For singles living in a double world, holidays can sometimes be challenging. Us "doubles" would do good to remember that these breaks from work are great times to include singles in our get-togethers. They often become new members of our family's when given the opportunity.

In 1 Corinthians 7:7, the Apostle Paul teaches us that singleness is a "gift." He teaches us that receiving and embracing this gift can be a higher calling. He even says in the next verse that you should view it as good when you find yourself single in a double world.

Can we take Randy's maximized single life in a double world as a challenge? She maximized her life as a single person. We all have "Randy's" in our lives. Let us take every opportunity to encourage all our single friends in their calling. We can include them with other couples and singles in our travel plans, dinner parties, small groups, and holiday get-togethers.

My charge to you today is to notice and lift those around you who have the courage to devote their single lives to the work of Christ. Like my sister Randy, they are exceptional.

Surely, my sister, Randy, will be delighted if we do that.

Harry T. Jones

P.S. If you would like to send a note, or share a story with our family, you can do so here: Obituary For Celetta "Randy" Jones More Popular Posts From Harry T. Jones

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