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Caleb Sees Himself In The Story of Jonah!

Updated: May 28

Caleb Brown hears a gospel message on the biblical story of Jonah and his divine call to be a witness. He identifies with Jonah's numerous mistakes that are ultimately used for good.

Caleb sees himself in Jonah's story.

Jonah suffers because of his bad choices. He runs from his calling—pain and suffering result. But his experience gives him the humility and perseverance that only a season of suffering can birth. Eventually, Jonah's experience leads to saving an entire city from destruction.

Like Jonah, Caleb has faced some tragedy and made some wrong choices. He loses his mom, fights cancer, and meets the consequences of bad decisions in college.

Something about the story of Jonah ignites a vision in Caleb.

It is a vision of the power of second chances and changed lives

It is a vision of forgiveness and hope

It is a vision for making a profit, blessing the community, and advancing divine purposes.

It is a vision for impacting an entire city.

The story ignites a spark in Caleb: to start a fine dining restaurant in Thomasville, Georgia, renowned for its excellent food made fresh daily at a great value in an alcohol-free, family-friendly atmosphere. Caleb dreams that people will hear the story of Jonahand his story and experience something more than great food and service.

A student of the food service industry, Caleb knows that serving alcohol is a necessary ingredient for success in his new adventure. But like Jonah, this restaurant is to be a witness, a sign and wonder, a marketplace miracle where the sales of alcohol would take no credit for its success.

Like Jonah, Caleb almost misses the mission given to him. Ignoring what he feels, he plans to apply for a liquor license. Right up until the last minute, ignoring his heart, he plans to go before the zoning commission and get the pouring license.

It is then, definitively, that Caleb knows he has to be faithful to the mission sparked by the gospel message on Jonah. This restaurant is to have a powerful alcohol-free family atmosphere. Caleb remembers:

I remember like yesterday, a rainy summer evening sometime in June of 2008, I picked up an application for an alcohol license to serve beer and wine at this new restaurant project I had going on. Riding back home, I'll never forget the feeling I had as I contemplated how alcohol would fit into the Jonah's concept. I felt troubled in my spirit like I somehow just took a wrong turn; the peace I had through all my plans just left me.

Then I heard the familiar calming voice of the Holy Spirit convey to me, "No alcohol, you won't need it.”

I was relieved and nervous at the same time. I began to wonder how I would make it without the profit of alcohol sales. After getting confirmation from my closest friends, I knew that I had heard correctly, but now I had to walk it out. I knew if the Holy Spirit was telling me to do this, there was a reason beyond my understanding. Above all, I needed Jesus to be all in this Jonah's project with me, especially if I am not serving alcohol! (read more here).

Now fourteen years in, Caleb's vision for Jonah's Fish & Grits has been recognized locally, regionally and by national publications and organizations. And, if long lines to get in the door for lunch and dinner mean anything, Jonah's is making a profit, blessing its community and advancing its purpose!

Serving a divine mission gives Caleb Brown enthusiasm and significance beyond anything he could get by just working to make money.

May we all be blessed to do the same!

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Harry T. Jones

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