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Barney's Speed Kills His Business

Updated: May 28

Relay teams that focus only on speed are doomed to failure in long sprints. A fast team that fails to focus on endurance cannot continually win. In Relay Teams & Business Speed AND Endurance Matter. Barney works for an oil company that owns a chain of convenience stores. He and the company focus on making money. Quickly acquiring properties and working to make them profitable is their practice. Initially, things are good. Actually, they are amazing!

However, their short-term focus on making money is myopic and intoxicating. Short-term success hinders them from a more healthy long-term focus. The company outgrows its human resources and, in a hiccup, gets caught short. Barney loses everything.

When leadership teams narrowly focus on immediate outcomes, their short-term success can sabotage the company's future.

Barny's company initially makes money, but fails in the long run.

Great relay teams appreciate the need for speed. Coming off the blocks at the beginning of a race matters supremely. But indifference to endurance will eventually kill teams' initial gains.

Stung by colossal failure, Barney takes a job at a family business with no successor. Having learned from his previous mistakes, he takes more of a long-term view. Making sure the company makes a profit, blesses the community, and advances its purpose today matters. But Barney also plans for the business to prosper in future generations.

Barney focuses on speed and endurance.

Barney's pays special attention now to building the fastest team for the long haul. He uses the KASH framework that his father taught him through the years. KASH is an acronym for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits.

Barney's father taught him that of the four parts of the KASHframework, two can be given to team members: Knowledge and Skills.

Every employee meets with their supervisor and completes a personal development plan. This plan is part of their quarterly performance review. Barney ties all advancement to these personal development plans. Team members get seminars, classes, coaching, and encouragement in their growth areas.

The personal development plans give employees opportunities for the knowledge and skills they need to enrich themselves and the company.

Barney's father also taught him that two of the values in the KASH framework have to flow from the individual: Attitude and Habits.

Employees who embrace the company values have great attitudes and corresponding habits. Barney intentionally notices those who are punctual, sober, diligent, dependable, and passionate about advancing. He makes sure these have opportunity for advancement.

Some employees who have floundered appreciate, take advantage of and develop from their growth opportunities. Others cannot make the grade. Many advance and some have to leave.

The KASH framework grows the company's ability to make a profit, bless its community, and advance its purpose.

Barney is invited to become the heir apparent to the business. His previous failures are almost forgotten. A new pool of talent now exists to choose future leaders that ensure the business's longevity.

Are you developing your business with speed and endurance? To help you, I have created a KASH Framework Checklist that you can download for free. It is my gift to you. Keep making a profit, blessing your community, and advancing your purpose. Harry T. Jones P.S. Get my free download KASH Framework Checklist today: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD *Like all my stories, Barney's story is real; names and some particulars are changed to protect the individuals involved.

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