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A Celebration of Expectation

Updated: May 28

For those of us in the faith community, December is a time of celebration of expectation. We look back on Christ's coming in celebration while looking forward in eager anticipation to His coming kingdom. This hope for a fantastic future gives us the perseverance to do amazing things today.

As entrepreneurs, having a purpose beyond ourselves opens the door to great enthusiasm. We burn with passion, not merely to make a profit, but to make a profit for a purpose.

Working merely to make a profit produces futility. In 1997 I sold my business. In the eyes of the world, it looked good. Financially, it was a good deal. But I lost something. I lost my identity.

Living with no purpose for my profits, I wrapped my identity in being the CEO of a successful business. Rather than living in my true identity as a husband, father, neighbor, and friend, with a purpose for my profits, I hit bottom.

One of my favorite sayings is that the two greatest days of our lives are the day we are born, and the day we figure out why. When you don't know who you are, you will act like someone you are not. When you don't understand why you are making a profit, you will eventually lose the motivation to make it.

None of us are put here merely to make money. That identity becomes a cruel taskmaster. I know.

Losing my identity in 1997 was a wake-up call. For a season, I searched my soul. Without a purpose beyond myself, life was shallow. Gradually I began to piece together my "why." I wanted to succeed with a business partner who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity. Making a profit, blessing the community, and advancing a larger purpose became my goal.

I found my "why." It was to make a profit for a purpose. Starting another business with that partner brought me tremendous satisfaction for many years. Our company made a profit but starting with our own employees, we blessed the community. When one of our people needed tires, we worked with them to get them. When they needed glasses or groceries, we helped them get them. Funding new initiatives in the community became exciting.

We hired the unhirable and watched them transform into fruitful employees. Our city was blessed because we made a profit. Talk about significance. Finding my purpose released energy as I had never known.

When I sold my portion of the business years later, I walked away with glowing feelings that I had participated in something divine. And when I left, I didn't lose my identity; I just stepped into the next portion of it.

Today my vision involves you. I see a generation of entrepreneurs who have abandoned merely working to make money. I see a gushing pipeline of talented entrepreneurs who have found a purpose for their profits that is beyond themselves. It is wonderfully intoxicating to consider.

They are standing on my shoulders, seeing and reaching further than I ever dreamed for myself. They make big profits, richly bless their communities, and advance their purpose.

This is my vision for you. During this season, I am celebrating my expectations and hopes for you.

Harry T. Jones

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