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Succession Planning, Handoff & More Questions

Updated: May 28

I have some more questions for you! I hope you will read on.

Since 2005, the U.S. Men’s relay team has messed up their baton exchange in seven of their previous eleven Olympics and world championship meets.

Since 2005, the team has either not finished or been disqualified because of a baton exchange failure six times.

Theirs is the worst rate of failure of any national team in the same time frame.

Like sprint relay teams who drop the baton in attempting to pass it, most businesses fail in transition to second-generation leadership.

Sprint relay teams and successful business entrepreneurs are famous for their failures in passing the baton.

Effective handoff happens in business when the founder moves from providing answers to asking eye-opening questions.

Here is where I need you again.

What are some questions you wish your senior leaders would ask about your business?

What questions are not being asked that should be?

I can’t wait for your responses again!

Harry T. Jones

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