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Your Story & Georgia’s: What Will Be Different?

Updated: May 23

Woman who is frustrated clutching her brow.
Gloria built a great business but neglected to build a team...

Georgia’s story hurts my heart. Her story will hopefully not be your story. There is a lesson here that could be life-changing for you.

Georgia is a determined and resilient woman. A loving mother, her three children have celiac disease, a condition that makes it challenging for them to consume gluten.

Georgia faced a constant struggle to find delicious and satisfying gluten-free options for her family. What was healthy often tasted like cardboard.

Frustrated, she took matters into her own hands. Driven by love for her children and a passion for cooking, she set out on a mission to create gluten-free flours and foodstuffs that were not only safe for her family but also scrumptious for everyone.

Her journey began with countless hours of research, experimentation, and a fair share of kitchen mishaps. Georgia explored a myriad of alternative flours, from almond and coconut to rice and chickpea, tirelessly perfecting her recipes. She sought to create a line of products that not only met the dietary restrictions of those with celiac disease but also exceeded the taste expectations of anyone who enjoyed good food.

Like you, Georgia is amazing. But she is headed toward exhaustion and a huge letdown. Do you see yourself in her story?

In those early years, Georgia faced numerous challenges. Gluten-free alternatives were not as readily available, and the perception of gluten-free products was often associated with bland and uninspiring taste. Undeterred, she pressed on, refining her creations and turning her kitchen into a gluten-free haven.

As Georgia’s culinary creations evolved, so did her vision. Realizing the potential of her unique recipes, she turned her passion into a business. With determination and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit, she founded a company dedicated to crafting high-quality, delicious gluten-free products.

Georgia’s business journey was no cakewalk. She navigated the complexities of sourcing ingredients, fine-tuning production processes, and overcoming the skepticism of potential customers. However, her unwavering commitment to providing flavorful gluten-free options paid off.

Over the years, Georgia’s gluten-free empire grew, gaining recognition for its exceptional products. She secured partnerships with top-tier retailers and earned a coveted spot in a premier baking catalog. People from all walks of life embraced her creations, not just those with dietary restrictions.

Looking back on her journey, Georgia takes pride in the thriving business she built from scratch. She has worked hard and is excited about selling the business and moving into the next phase of her life.

Here is where Georgia’s story becomes tragic. Hopefully, her story will not be yours.

No one is interested in her business without her at the helm. Georgia is ready to pass on the baton, but there is no one to pass it to.

Georgia is being forced to liquidate and will be lucky to get the value of the assets. She hopes she will get enough to pay her bills.

Georgia has not raised up a team to pass the baton to and her gluten-free empire without her at the helm is near worthless.

Because I don’t want Georgia’s story to be your story, I am doing another free masterclass on succession planning next week.

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We can only imagine the potential legacy that could have been if Georgia had intentionally planned to pass on her business.

Your story involves leaving a legacy. I believe in you.

Harry T. Jones

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