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Crossroad: Recruiting Top Talent For Your Team

Updated: May 28

Gary grows up tough on the farm. It is there he learns the virtue of hard work.

In high school, he catches the eye of a counselor who believes he has untapped potential. The counselor buys him a blue blazer and signs him up for the debate team.

The counselor encourages him to apply to West Point.

It is the last day for applications to be turned in, and Gary has procrastinated until the last possible minute. Because of the counselor’s diligence, they find one last U.S. Senator who will receive his application.

A local banker who also admires Gary loans him a few hundred dollars to get to the academy. The banker gives him four years to pay it back.

After West Point, Gary works for an electric supply business. The great recession devastates the business. A great majority of the workforce must be laid off. But, once again, Gary has caught the eye of company leadership. He is one of the few chosen to remain.

Gary’s gifts and abilities constantly cause him to be noticed by those around and above him. Unknown to him, he has sparks of greatness that cause people to take notice.

Eventually, at 39, Gary becomes the CEO of a billion-dollar business.

Gary and successful entrepreneurs share a common experience throughout their lives. This experience happens to them often enough that they learn to harness its power and even bring it to others.

This is the story of Gary’s life.

This experience is not uncommon among successful entrepreneurs: A man’s gift enlarges him and seats him among princes.

On sports relay teams, the fastest runners always get singled out for promotion. Outstanding leaders know that if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together. These leaders have developed a keen eye to notice the fastest runners and grab them for their teams.

Finding the fastest runners for their teams is a crossroads that entrepreneurs must navigate successfully. They know that having a talented team will gain a competitive advantage, improve productivity, and innovation, create a positive company culture, and assure their long-term success.

Others have given Gary this opportunity. He now has a system for finding fresh talent worthy of the same gift.

Some attributes that Gary and his team look for in seeking the fastest runners include those who:

  • had a job from an early age,

  • have been competitive in sports,

  • worked their way through college.

Finding, recruiting, and providing the systems for these fastest runners to thrive is a major crossroads for entrepreneurs. Identifying these fast runners for the team is just one part of the process.

Gary uses I.T. to systemize the information that leaders in his company need to make wise decisions. These systems reduce any friction company leaders might have in finding the information they need. The most productive members of Gary’s teams (the fastest runners) thrive. When the most productive members of Gary’s team thrive, they attract more talented people.

The systems also make it simple and easy for customers to buy everything they need.

The success of Gary’s company brings it to the attention of the country’s top talent. When they see the systems, they too want to join his team.

Having advanced systems in his business allows Gary to sell more and attract the talent he needs to crush his competition.

Like Gary and you, successful entrepreneurs use systems to attract the talent they need to achieve success (read more here).

Oh, and you should know that the banker who believed in Gary, loaning him $800 got the money back in plenty of time!

Hope this Holy Week is a time of new beginnings for you!

Harry T. Jones

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