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The Crossroad Of Making Money & Significance

Updated: May 28

Operating your business with the singular value of making money will leave you empty. But leveraging this money-making power for the benefit of others releases a level of significance that is divine.

Moving from mere financial success to significance is a major crossroad for entrepreneurs. When you face this crossroad successfully, you will see a surprising level of energy and passion released into your life.

If making money for yourself is the prime motivation for your business, emptiness will be the result. When making more and more money fails to give you a deep feeling of significance, you will face the crossroad of money and significance over and over.

When entrepreneurs are passionately intentional about bringing a positive impact to the life of everyone associated with their businesses, we say that they are doing their business as mission. The impact on their community is close to divine.

Entrepreneurs who do their business as a life mission are lifting entire communities to new levels of prosperity. They embrace the value that helping their people succeed in every area of life is as important as making a profit.

Embracing this value fills them with a near childlike joy when they enhance their employees and families’ lives.

Doing business as mission involves building your enterprise with a strategy for the transformation of people and communities in four areas:

  1. Economic - You must make a profit to be sustainable and legitimate.

  2. Social - You must have a positive impact on your community; your employees, customers, and vendors.

  3. Environmental - You must operate as a good steward of the earth.

  4. Spiritual - You want to transform lives through Jesus.

When entrepreneurs do their business as mission these four areas become bridges to demonstrate divine values, purpose, perspective and impact.

Successfully facing this crossroad of merely making money or making money to bless others can bring you deep feelings of significance.

Significance flows from participating in a divine purpose.

The released energy will be palpable as you train your people not just on the job, but also in developing their minds, helping them to better serve their families and shaping them to contribute to their communities.

Your passion to be a blessing will extend not only to your employees. You will also firmly commit to making your vendors and customers succeed! This intentionality to change human lives through your businesses will set you on fire!

The world awaits you!

Business as mission means operating your business not only to make a profit but, cooperating with providence, you will leave the world you found in a better place.

May it be so!

Harry T. Jones

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