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The Constant Energy Drain of Unresolved Conflict

Updated: May 28

It was a near-perfect day for me until an unknown energy drain on my truck's battery left me aggravated and frustrated.

I was already late for supper. Now I was really late. Like me, I bet you have found that these kinds of problems don't seem to happen except at the most inopportune times!

It was frustrating. It was hot, and mosquitos were biting me.

It took AAA over an hour to find me. They attached cables to my battery and gave me the needed energy boost.

Not a good night, but what happened the following day really set me off.

Once again, late for an appointment, and my truck wouldn't start.

The battery was fine. But did you know that a battery's energy is constantly being drained if it is not grounded correctly? My battery had a loose ground wire, causing it to lose power continually. Only a battery well grounded to the frame of a vehicle can maintain its energy.

Even with positive and negative cables properly connected and clean, a battery will still lose needed energy if the ground wire is poorly attached.

That day I had an "aha" moment at the repair shop.

Having unresolved conflict in your life is like having a loose ground wire on the battery of your life. Unresolved conflict will drain the life out of your life battery.

If you know my story, you know I have experienced a drained battery because of unresolved conflict.

Unresolved conflict zaps energy from family relationships, marriage relationships, friendships, AND business relationships.

A battery has sources and uses of energy.

Your cash flow statement has sources and uses of cash.

Your life has sources and uses of energy.

Like the battery and your cash flow statement, your life consists of things that give you energy and things that take energy away.

For me, being cooped up indoors, nitpicking corrections of grammar, unproductive conflict, TV news, half-empty attitudes, slothfulness… These uses of energy are exhausting.

I am also very aware in my own life of what gives me energy; hospitality, networking, generosity, being outdoors and being with people who are not stuck.

What is it that gives you energy? You should know.

Nothing zaps energy in your life more than unresolved conflict. So often, it can be under the radar, unconsciously endured, and constantly draining your battery!

Unresolved conflict will leave you stranded on the side of the road at the most untimely moment, frustrated, angry, and desperate. It takes more effort to dance around the conflict, avoiding the elephant in the room.

Dealing with the conflict to some level of resolve renews energy in your life.

How to get to that level of resolve will be the subject of another post!

Never remain stuck!

Harry T. Jones

P.S. You can get a head start on identifying the three common areas that zap our energy in my free download (CLICK HERE).

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