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Soil Nutrients: Peer Advisory Boards/Masterminds

Updated: May 29

A group of like minded individuals cheering one person's success around a table.

As entrepreneurs grow themselves and their businesses, sharing their challenges and finding fresh solutions can become difficult. Talking about these challenges with friends, family, and employees may not help or be advisable. This often results in leaders who lead from a place of isolation, which hinders companies from making a profit, blessing their community, and advancing their purposes.

One way to overcome this loneliness at the top is to join a peer advisory board, often called a mastermind.

Peer advisory boards consist of entrepreneurs who commit to encouraging and challenging each other. These powerful groups of peers work together to make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and create solid plans for business growth, all while striving to create eternal impact far beyond the bottom line (C12).

Advisory groups such as C12 and Convene have a facilitator who brings the group together monthly and meets with entrepreneurs individually.

Connected entrepreneurs and their companies continually outperform others in their industry. Peer advisory boards can meet weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. These meetings can be invaluable for processing opportunities and challenges and sharing priceless information from personal experience (read more here).

Belonging to the same peer advisory group for more than twenty-eight years has been incalculably profitable for me. For ten years, we have had perfect attendance and punctuality! How and why? WE ALL RECEIVE SUCH MASSIVE VALUE FROM EACH OTHER.

Our group has a confidentiality code: nobody, never, nothing. What we share in the group remains there! Every few years, we have a retreat with an outside facilitator to keep things fresh, push us forward, and establish new norms. Each of our group members has been through facilitator training.

The success of the group depends on:

  • The commitment of the group members

  • Group leadership

  • The engagement of the members

Our group shows up prepared to share and engage others:

  • What have been your most impactful personal and business matters for the last thirty days?

  • What will be your most impactful personal and business matters for the next thirty days?

The forum's role is to clear the fog and help us discover our own solutions.

Making a profit, blessing your community, and advancing your business purpose is the path to significance. Peer advisory boards can play a large role in making that happen.

Harry T. Jones

P.S. Join a Cultivating Impact Mastermind today by emailing

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