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Mick Has A Deaf Brother

Updated: May 28

Mick has a brother who is deaf. Growing up, he walks closely with him. Being deaf, his brother is an easy target for bullies. Every time his brother is bullied, Mick’s heart breaks.

Growing up with a deaf brother has given Mick a genuine heart for people with special needs.

Mick also has a business. From "seed," he has built the company to be profitable, to care for its people and help its community thrive with jobs and investment. He has built it to be especially accommodating to people with special needs.

It shouldn't surprise you when I tell you that the night shift team at Mick's factory is totally deaf!

All of the heartbreak of the previous years is erased when he witnesses their productivity and camaraderie. Their production is off the chart. The community they share is contagious.

Ten percent of the company's 400 employees are hearing impaired, and another seven percent have some type of disability. In 2022, the workforce will grow by another one hundred, based on contracts already awarded.

Mick dreams of his company as a training ground for other companies to build impaired hearing and deaf teams.

Because he has built his company on its purpose, Mick enjoys unlimited enthusiasm and overflowing significance. He is changing the world by changing his world.

It is hard work, but the payoff is off the chain.

You, too, can find the seed of your business's purpose by answering these questions?

What makes you weep?

What makes you leap with joy?

What breaks your heart?

Finding and living in your purpose releases energy and inspiration. A business built on its divine purpose makes a profit, blesses its community, and advances that purpose.

Stop working just for money.

Start working for your purpose.

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Harry T. Jones

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*Like all my stories, Gill's story is real; his name and some particulars are changed to protect him.

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