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How To Get New Energy In 30 Days!

Updated: May 28

A few years ago, a group of us took a discovery trip to Malawi, "the warm heart of Africa." The energy and pure joy that flows from the people there is impressive.

To be received with their level of energy and joy taught me a great lesson. Their water source was mud puddles where the pigs and cows defecated. Cholera and dysentery ravaged their people, despite promises of help from the government.

Our team assisted in building shallow wells so they could have clean water. Their energy and joy were contagious after we assisted in building their cisterns. But what struck me was how they had the same joyous energy before we built the well.

I determined that joyous energy fills their lives because of their continued practice of gratitude. Their gratitude keeps them focused on the good they have rather than the good they don't have.

Lesson: Focusing on the good that we have releases joy and energy into our lives.

Their baseline was zero. They were SO thankful for what they had. They were exuberant before we built wells for clean water. And afterward, they were just as spirited as before. They didn't know where their next meal was coming from, but they were filled with joy and energy.

What does this have to do with starting, growing, or transitioning a business? Sometimes, as life happens, assets (emotional and physical) get peeled away from us. This stripping process can leave us struggling to find the energy required to bounce back.

In the middle of this stripping process, we must make a conscious and intentional effort to focus on and be thankful for what we have.

Lesson: To focus on assets we don't have drains our energy.

Like these Africans, business leaders must harness the energy that flows from gratitude.

You see, our lack of a clear vision and purpose often flows from a lack of gratitude in our lives. Our ability to see our purpose, appreciate it, and treat it as a divine gift depends on our practicing gratitude. We can't have an energy-producing vision by focusing on what we don't have.

What can be done? Here's the answer: Take a daily inventory of all the good you have in your life. Here's the challenge: Every day, write down one new thing in your life you are thankful for. In 30 days, you will have a new life! I know, I HAVE DONE IT!

Lesson: The practice of gratitude releases energy into our lives, our families, and our businesses.

Knowing, understanding, and appreciating the assets you presently have releases tremendous energy into your life.

A lack of gratitude also helps us to shift responsibility for decisions and blame others. It feeds self-pity, and it is destructive. It hinders us from being effective team members.

Lesson: The practice of gratitude helps us take responsibility for our role in failure.

Aesop said that "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”

One more thing–gratitude generates generosity, and generosity generates gratitude (more on that in another post!).

My challenge to you today: Take a thirty-day inventory of your blessings, writing a new one each day. I can't wait to hear from you!

Harry T. Jones

P.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn; let me know you took my challenge!

P.S.S. Check out the organization I served in Malawi with: CLICK HERE

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