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Hal, Spirituality & Business As Mission

Updated: May 28

After many years of successful business, Hal had arrived. Selling his business and pocketing millions of dollars, something happened he hadn’t prepared for.

Hal lost his identity. Being CEO of a thriving business had been his identity for so long. Now it was gone.

After floundering for a season, Hal has a conversation with his pastor. “I feel called to the ministry,” he confesses. But what his pastor says floors him.

“Hal, a Christian in business is as high a calling as there is. Maybe you should live your faith in business.”

Hal realizes something profound. For the believing entrepreneur in the faith community, spirituality happens when we implement God’s will on Earth. This means, rather than trying to subtract ourselves from the daily routines of business to be spiritual, we lead businesses with a purpose greater than merely making money.

When entrepreneurs see themselves as partners with the divine, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

We say these entrepreneurs are doing business as mission. For the believing entrepreneur spirituality is a seven day a week endeavor.

Step two in my Cultivating Impact 6-Step Succession Planning Method is achieving business as mission. It involves three pillars:

  • Profit for a purpose - What is the impact of the business that makes it worth continuing?

  • Bless the community - What is the business’s multiplier effect in the community?

And, today’s post is about:

  • Advance Your Purpose

The C12 organization uses the following questions to help entrepreneurs in the faith community to lead their businesses in this seven day a week practice of spirituality.

  • How can we help our employees while protecting their dignity?

  • Do our employees know that we all care for them?

  • How can we help them as a company?

  • Will employees see themselves as teammates and help each other?

  • What does God want me to do?

  • How can I show our company’s purpose in their time of need?

  • How can our company pay for some of their expenses directly?

  • Is there a tax-efficient way to vet the needs and help?

You are making a profit for a purpose and blessing your community. Now continue on to advance your purpose.

Harry T. Jones

P.S. Want some great resources for advancing your purpose as an entrepreneur in the faith community? I have found these amazing:

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