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Fresh Eyes & A Question For You!

Updated: May 28

Got a question for you.

Why do entrepreneurs not take advantage of leading with great questions?

In the Cultivating Impact Succession Plan, step five involves your asking a lot of great questions and having the discipline to not answer them!

As you have passed the baton to your successor (Cultivating Impact Succession Planning Step Four: Exchange the Baton), you have a distinct role: cheerleader! It is your honor to cheer the team on in a new pursuit of multiplying the company’s impact.

This involves encouraging them to see the company from different angles and to consider information in new ways. The goal is to gain new insights, discover hidden aspects, and find innovative solutions by breaking away from preconceived notions or habitual thinking.

But how do you get your team to look at your company with fresh eyes? In new ways?

It has to do with encouraging your team to ask great questions. As the chief cheerleader, you foster an environment where asking questions is encouraged and not seen as a sign of weakness.

These questions lead to looking at the business with "fresh eyes" and are crucial for fostering a culture of curiosity, continuous learning, and critical thinking.

Normally, your team would look to you to answer strategic questions. But in your new role, you want to lead by example by openly asking questions and intentionally remaining silent, forcing your team to dig deep for the answers.

In your new cheerleader role, you play a pivotal role in setting the tone for the organization. When you openly ask questions, seek input, and admit you don't have all the answers, it sends a powerful message to the rest of the team that curiosity and innovation is valued.

Back to my question to you. Why is it hard for entrepreneurs to lead by asking great questions?

Harry T. Jones

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