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Dave Makes Some Killer Bread!

Updated: May 28

When it comes to operating a company to make a profit, bless its community and advance its purpose, Dave's Killer Bread shines!

Raised in a family of bakers, Dave Dahl makes terrible choices. He is addicted to drugs. For 15 years, he bounces from one prison sentence to the next (read more here).

Dave is a bad rascal.

The desire for significance grips him during his last sentence, and he has a moment of clarity. Being released from prison, he rejoins his family bakery with a fresh determination to start a new chapter in his life.

He works tirelessly to bake breads that will wow the market. He packs them with seeds and grains using only the best organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Focusing on those customers that derive more value from his business helps him find his niche. Finding his company's unique niche allows him to multiply their profit, bless their community, and further advance the business purpose. Focusing on this niche multiplies his earnings.

Dave's breads catapult the family bakery to international prominence.

Enriching the soil of the business with what he has composted through prison and beyond, Dave's company partners with national news organizations to elevate the value of second-chance employment. The company is an international evangelist for giving people the opportunity to champion a new life, not merely make a living.

The company proudly advertises the purpose behind every loaf: to give someone ready to change their life a chance - a second chance.

Dave makes his life purpose to give away what he has received. He has received a second chance, and now operating in this purpose fills him with contagious enthusiasm and energy. He isn't just selling bread; he is changing lives and blessing the community.

You can look on Dave's Killer Bread website and read stories of the employees' lives changed through the company's purpose.

Leading the charge to challenge companies to become second-chance employers, Dave's Killer Bread shows us how businesses can make a profit, bless the community, and advance their purpose.

Harry T. Jones

To help you maximize significance in your life, I have created a resource that you can download for free. The Cultivating Impact Business Impact Plan is my free gift to you. Use it for yourself and as a prompt to get your employees to help you determine your seed (purpose).

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