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Arrogance & Ingratitude are Generally Found Under the Same Rock

Updated: May 28

Happy Thanksgiving! I have learned that arrogance and ingratitude are generally found under the same rock. Today, of all days, I want to make sure you hear my thanksgiving for you! I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU! I am thankful for your passion to leave an inheritance to your children's children. I am thankful for your heart to leave a legacy business that blesses the community and advances its purpose for generations. I am thankful for you and your dream. I speak for generations of people when I say: THANK YOU! Thank you for blessing your employees. Thank you for blessing your vendors. Thank you for making the multiplier effect real in your community. Thank you for being clear on your business's impact. Thank you for developing your business as a mission. Thank you for creating a team to carry on in your absence one day. Thank you for exchanging the baton. Thank you for multiplying your impact. Thank you for finishing well. Enjoy your turkey, you earned it! Harry T. Jones

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