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70% of Businesses Are Sold or Fail Before the 2nd Generation of Leadership Gets the Chance to Take Over

Succession Planning in 7 Steps

One day, something will demand your departure from your business. 

Knowing this reality and not planning for it is foolish. What do you do?

1. Accept the fact of your eventual exit from your business.

2. Accept responsibility for your company's success in your absence.

3. Begin having strategic conversations that lead you through the seven steps of succession planning.

Are You Stuck in Success Without Significance?

Significance is rarely found among “successful” entrepreneurs. They often make a lot of money, have many employees, and display all the appearances of “the good life.” But, deep inside, they lack the power that only significance can provide. Living satisfied with less than their divine potential is costly and painful.

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Three Ways to Walk With Cultivating Impact In Your Succession Planning

Performance Based

Engage Cultivating Impact one-to-one for effective succession planning. One month or years. Payment is based on the success we help you achieve.


Instantly gain a peer advisory group and collaborate with like-minded leaders. Meet with fellow group memebers in monthly virtual meetings and privately with Harry T. Jones.


Virtual Classes

Attend Cultivating Impact's online training classes virtually. Progress at your own speed.

Get Started Leaving a Legacy today with Harry T's Insights Each Week In Your Inbox

Harry T. Jones and his two hunting dogs.

Leave A Legacy Business

As a young boy, watching my father and his friends find solace in the fields and forests, hunting with their trusted canine companions impacted me. The pressures of their jobs seemed to melt away as they worked in tandem with their dogs, pursuing game, and enjoying the camaraderie of the hunt. The lessons I absorbed watching those men and their dogs have shaped my approach to business and leadership decades later.

Buying my first farm as a young man, the tradition continued, getting my first puppy. Training him was a journey of patience, consistency, and gradual progress. Great hunting dogs aren’t made overnight - they are the result of countless hours of guidance, trust-building, and incremental skill development.


There are a lot of parallels between raising a hunting dog and preparing an organization for its future. Succession planning follows many of the same principles. READ MORE HERE

Entrepreneurs go into business to pursue a dream, find a better career, or make more money.

But most entrepreneurs also want to do more than that. They want to leave a legacy.

One of the greatest legacies you can leave behind is a business that continually makes a profit and blesses its community for generations!


Leaving a legacy business means dreaming big and changing the world for the better. Among the most successful entrepreneurs, this is a powerful motivator.


Your legacy reflects the lessons you have learned and celebrates what was important to you. It captures the important moments of your life.​

It starts with the right conversations based on seven steps:

1. Confront your fears about succession planning
2. Establish your succession planning team
3. Define your impact
4. Define your niche
5. Develop leaders in your team
6. Pass the baton to your successor
7. Finish well

Great to meet you!


Harry T. Jones


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Move forward with the Cultivating Impact Success-Based Guarantee

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It all starts around
7 steps and
7 conversations.

Succession planning for impact book.

Succession Planning In 7 Steps

Step One: Confront Your Fears About Succession Planning

  • Fear of losing identity

  • Fear of someone else doing a better job

  • Fear of too many unanswered questions

  • Start the 12 conversations

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